Month: September 2018

How To Install Mod_cloudflare On CPanel

CloudFlare is a performance and security service. The CloudFlare cPanel plugin makes it easy to integrate into your hosting control panel. The CloudFlare module automatically translates visitor IP addresses to reflect the visitor’s original IP address rather than the IP address of the CloudFlare proxy servers. Installing mod_cloudflare on a cPanel Server is very easy.

How To Fix Ftp Connection Time Out Error!

Common errors when using FTP When testing an FTP connection you may received of the following errors: 1) Socket Error # 11001, Host not found 2) Socket Error # 11004, Unable to connect 3) Socket Error # 10061, Connection refused 4) Socket Error # 10093 5) Socket Error # 10038 6) Socket Error # 10039

How To Reboot Your Cpanel/Whm In Ssh

If you happen to mess up your ssh configuration some how you can reset the ssh config from Cpanel then restart your machine via ssh by using following command /etc/init.d/cpanel restart Enjoy!!! Or If you cannot reboot your server manually, you can restart it by requesting a power cycle. 1) Log in to your Account

How To Setup FTP With ProFTPD In Webmin

FTP stands for file transfer protocol, and along with telnet and SMTP is one of the oldest protocols still in common use on the Internet. ProFTPD generally uses a single configuration file, found at /etc/proftpd.conf. This file is made up of directives, each of which usually occupies a single line and has a name and

Error : Fix The WHM CSF Security Test Errors!

As a part of ensuring security, dollar1hosts perform a CSF security scan from WHM. We may get the following error after the scan. “CHECK CSF LF_SCRIPT_ALERT OPTION WARNING THIS OPTION WILL NOTIFY YOU WHEN A LARGE AMOUNT OF EMAIL IS SENT FROM A PARTICULAR SCRIPT ON THE SERVER, HELPING TRACK DOWN SPAM SCRIPTS” To fix

How To Create Cron Jobs On Your Kloxo Panel

How to create cron jobs on your Kloxo panel Kloxo is a free control panel for managing your VPS hosting or dedicated server hosting. Cronjob is scheduling a task to run later. The task can be either command or a script. The background process(daemon) behind the cronjob is the crond. In the /etc folder there