How To Install APC On Linux

How to install APC on Linux ?


The Alternative PHP Cache (APC) is a free and open opcode cache for PHP. Its goal is to provide a free, open, and robust framework for caching and optimizing PHP intermediate code. Besides being a opcode cache it provides a user cache for storing application data.

APC is a free, open, and robust framework for caching and
intermediate code. Here are the most simple steps :

# Login to the server as root and then

cd /usr/local/src


eg : wget

# Extract it

tar -xzf APC-3.0.19.tgz
cd APC-3.0.19
./configure –enable-apc –enable-apc-mmap –with-apxs –with-php-config=/usr/local/bin/php-config
make install

Check php.ini file path by using following command

php -i | grep php.ini

This will usually return /usr/local/Zend/etc/php.ini on a server that has Zend optimizer installed. Now edit php.ini and add the APC extension.

vi /usr/local/Zend/etc/php.ini
vi /usr/local/lib/php.ini

Scroll down to the bottom and add the fallowing before the lines about the zend optimizer (They start with [Zend])


# Restart Apache

service httpd restart

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