How To Create FTP Accounts In CPanel

All account can use the cPanel username and password for FTP, but additional FTP Accounts can be created and removed from your cPanel at any time. To add new FTP accounts,

Follow these process:

1) Log into cPanel

2) In the Files section, and click on FTP accounts

3) In the Login field, type the name of the FTP user.

Note: You cannot create an FTP username without your primary domain name in it, so your FTP username will always look like this – username@primarydomain.tld

4) In the Password fields, enter a password which will be used to authenticate this FTP account. Make sure you write the password down somewhere

5) In “Directory:” field you must enter the directory access you want this FTP account to have. You can leave it blank, which means this FTP account will have access to ALL web sites located on your server

6) Quota is the maximum amount of bandwidth you want this FTP account to use

7) Click on “Create FTP Account” button

You will then see a message stating “Account Created“

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