How To Back Up Your Drupal Website

Drupal Website backing up involves backing up both the site’s database and its files. Just for taking file backup doesn’t help. Always take database and files backup whenever you take Drupal Website backup.

Step 1. To Back Up Your Files

1) Download all files pertaining to your Drupal website using an FTP client.

2) The illustration below shows a Drupal website installed in a sub-directory called “drupal”

2) The FTP client FileZilla is used to download the files.

Step 2. To Back Up Your Database

1) Log in to your hosting account’s cPanel

2) Click on “phpMyAdmin” in the Databases section

3) Then click on Databases

4) Select your Drupal website’s database

5) Then click Export

6) In the following page, click Go

7) Save the file to your desired location.




Congratulations! You have now backed up your Drupal website.

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