Month: August 2018

How To Use The Exim Mail Queue Manager In WHM

To Using the Exim Mail Queue Manager in WHM   Exim is the Mail software that runs on your server to control Email delivery, there are mail queue management options you can use with Exim directly via the command line. In this article Hostripples will show you how you can manage your Exim Mail Queue

How To Install MediaWiki From Softaculous

To install MediaWiki from Softaculous MediaWiki can easily be installed by using Softaculous in the cPanel Software / Services. This tutorial will explain how to install MediaWiki using Softaculous. Please follow the steps and install it. Step 1 : Log into cPanel. Step 2 : Find the Softaculous icon located in the Software Services section.

How To Choose The Best VPS Hosting?

A virtual private server will be the right platform for people who are looking for hosting server which is reliable and stable to support their growing business. You can consider VPS hosting similar to dedicated server hosting but with few minor difference. Virtual private server ( VPS )is a single server that uses a single

How To Solve Application Error In Windows Vzpp

Solution : This is usually caused by VPS hitting its memory parameters , the QOS alerts can be checked from vzmc/pmc to confirm this. A temporary solution would be restart the the vps to release the memory resource. You want to fix it permanent solution make sure to check how frequent the QOS parameters are

Trusted $1 Hosting With Unlimited Features

We just don’t sales Shared Hosting we Provide Protection to your data and enable the power of optimizing your website which not only Helps you to bring your business online and stable but also stands your website aside from the crowd. What make us differ from the other unstable cheap hosting ? We use our