Month: August 2018

How To Update Your CPanel License Key

In this Article will explain how to update cPanel License Key of a server. If you need to update your server license key when you have a new licence key, or you want to upgrade from trail version to paid version. Please follow the instruction and update cPanel License key. Login to cpanel VPS

How To Backup Your Site With Softaculous

To backup your site with Softaculous Softaculous is widely used in the Web Hosting sites and it has helped millions of users install applications by the click of a button. Softaculous Installer easily integrates into leading Control Panels like cPanel, Plesk, Directadmin, InterWorx, H-Sphere. The website you want softaculous to always backup must have been

How To Restore A Softaculous Backup

To restore your website from a Softaculous backup, please follow these steps: Step 1 : Log into your cPanel. Step 2 : Under the Software/Services section, Click the Softaculous button. Step 3 : Click the Backup/Restore link. Step 4 : On this page you will see a list of all available backups. Step 5 :

How To Install R1soft Cdp Agent On The Linux Server

To install R1soft cdp agent on the Linux Server R1Soft is an affordable, easy-to-use, high performance backup, restore, and disaster recovery software. Its a software application which is used to backup the data in a client (R1Soft agent) which is assigned to R1Soft server based upon the configurations which we define. R1soft can also be

How To Create A CPanel Account Within WHM

To create a cPanel account within WHM If you want to resell your own hosting accounts, Please follow the step by step and create a cPanel account. Step 1: Log into your WHM. Step 2: Click on the Account Functions Step 3: Click Create a New Account. Step 4: Fill in the details for the

How To Install SSL Certificate In Microsoft IIS 7

To install the primary SSL certificate, you must complete the pending request, and then bind the certificate to your website, Please follow the steps and Install an Certificate in Microsoft IIS 7. Step 1: Click Start. Step 2: Then click Run. Step 3: Type mmc. Step 4: Then click OK. The Microsoft Management Console (Console)

How To Import StartCom CA Into Vista

To Import StartCom CA into Vista In this Article will explain how to import StartCom CA into Vista. Please follow the instruction and import StartCom CA. Step 1 : Using IE Click on the appropriate certificate. Step 2 : You can download the cert and double click on it. Step 3 : In the