Day: August 24, 2018

How To Create A CPanel Account Within WHM

To create a cPanel account within WHM If you want to resell your own hosting accounts, Please follow the step by step and create a cPanel account. Step 1: Log into your WHM. Step 2: Click on the Account Functions Step 3: Click Create a New Account. Step 4: Fill in the details for the

How To Install SSL Certificate In Microsoft IIS 7

To install the primary SSL certificate, you must complete the pending request, and then bind the certificate to your website, Please follow the steps and Install an Certificate in Microsoft IIS 7. Step 1: Click Start. Step 2: Then click Run. Step 3: Type mmc. Step 4: Then click OK. The Microsoft Management Console (Console)

How To Import StartCom CA Into Vista

To Import StartCom CA into Vista In this Article will explain how to import StartCom CA into Vista. Please follow the instruction and import StartCom CA. Step 1 : Using IE Click on the appropriate certificate. Step 2 : You can download the cert and double click on it. Step 3 : In the

How To Use The Exim Mail Queue Manager In WHM

To Using the Exim Mail Queue Manager in WHM   Exim is the Mail software that runs on your server to control Email delivery, there are mail queue management options you can use with Exim directly via the command line. In this article Hostripples will show you how you can manage your Exim Mail Queue

How To Install MediaWiki From Softaculous

To install MediaWiki from Softaculous MediaWiki can easily be installed by using Softaculous in the cPanel Software / Services. This tutorial will explain how to install MediaWiki using Softaculous. Please follow the steps and install it. Step 1 : Log into cPanel. Step 2 : Find the Softaculous icon located in the Software Services section.